Business Insurance

Types of Business Insurance

This insurance covers the physical assets of your business that could be damaged or destroyed. This includes your building and its contents, leased or owned equipment as well as outdoor fixtures such as fences and signs that could result from weather-related events, building collapse, explosion, equipment breakdown, civil commotion or subsequent damage caused by vehicles, aircraft and vandalism.

To supplement your Commercial Property, which protects your facility, a Commercial GL policy from potentially devastating lawsuits that can arise resulting from negligence or accidents.

Excess or Umbrella policies can expand the amount of liability coverage stated in your general policies as minimize any gaps that may exist.

Workers' Compensation insurance protects both employees and employers from liabilities resulting from injuries and death in the workplace. Your policy can include benefits for medical care, disability, rehabilitation and survivor benefits.

This insurance will protect you from external factors beyond your control. This includes allegations of negligence or harm based on a professional service or advice your business provided, misrepresentation, breach of contract or wrongful business practices.

Building and Business Property Insurance | is designed to repair or replace damaged or destroyed buildings, equipment, stock, furniture or fixtures.

Business Liability Insurance | will protect your business from financial loss resulting from claims of injury to others or damage to property caused by your or your employee(s).

It is best to be prepared if and when your operations are disrupted causing a loss of income. This can be due to a variety of causes. Natural disasters, equipment breakdown, local civil unrest, vandalism, loss of key personnel or a cyber breach could all be covered by a policy that replaces your lost income or profits until you are able to resume business as usual.

Cyber insurance can help to recover compromised data, repair computer and networks caused by data breach, password attack, ransom-ware or phishing attack.

If your business includes an element of transportation and delivery you will want to include this coverage to keep you protected. Whether it is one vehicle or a fleet including this insurance will keep you and your employees protected from weather, road conditions as well as hazard that other drivers on the road may present.

Don't be fooled by thinking because you are a privately held company or a family business that you do not need this insurance. Any group who oversees the major decisions of a company, a non-profit organization or public company should consider this added protection. Lawsuits can be devastating and this insurance will add to the sustainability of your business.

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